информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что (ctpeko3a) wrote,
информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что

Sunday morning started with downloading of SharpReader, yet another
rss-aggregator. It looks simple and every menu and thing is in place - I
like it. Added some blogs, mostly blogs of Microsoft employees. It is
interesting to read them. They are open, discuss each other freely and there
is a lot of interesting information about .Net, blogs, rss aggregation and

The reason I've looked into a blogging community is because I've got tired
of russian LiveJournals... There is no useful and interesting information in
them. How long one could read about which car to buy under five grand? Or
which camera to buy for $400? Or which Moscow restaurant is better?

I'm tired of social experiments by morons like parker or skeletron... Some
fresh air is needed.

I can't post freely to my livejournal from work, though I want to. I can't
reply to comments, can't write them while I'm here. So why bother with
livejournal? There are the world outside, it's full of stars.

I will install something on my domain, something which allows to host my and
other people's blogs. MovableType probably... I'll let you know.

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