информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что (ctpeko3a) wrote,
информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что

Местные рекрутеры вконец охамели

Выделение моё.

Please note that there will be certain percentage of people who receive this mail shot that will not be suitable. This is due to the search being computerised as we have over 90,000 candidates registered and it is physically impossible to do a manual match. Even though we do use complex search strings there are always going to be errors from the system as it is a free text search that picks up buzz words. I hope this goes some way to explaining why you may receive ill matched mail shots from time to time.

Бездельники херовы! Обзавелись компьютерами и давай спамить всех подряд! Никакого проку нет от таких лентяев.

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