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информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что

Живут ли люди по средствам?

Вот тут пишут:

But the TGWU said the affected workers were mostly Asians, earning
around £12,000 a year as catering assistants and just under £16,000 as

А вот тут пишут про вышеупомянутых людей:

Kirankumar Shah and wife Taramati had taken the day off work at Gate Gourmet to attend a family wedding.

They returned to find two letters on the doormat of their home in Feltham, West London.

He said: "We both cried. I've got a £1,700 a month mortgage and four children to support, including a little baby.

Как это: имея такую зарплату, платить столько за ипотеку?

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