March 27th, 2003


Amazing Discovery

Офис менеджер только что разослала всем емейл с заголовком Amazing Discovery

The Nobel Foundation contacted us today in reference to the refrigerator.
Apparently, someone has been doing science experiments in there and has
stumbled across the cure for the common cold! While we are extremely proud
of this discovery, we feel that for the safety of all, the refrigerator
should be turned back into a storage facility for food and beverages.

So, if everyone could please empty out their "old" (and I use that term very
loosely) items, it would be greatly appreciated. And if there is anyone
willing to volunteer for the job of cleaning out the refrigerator, that too
would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, hazard pay is not available. However, the hero to step
forward for this job will not only be appreciated, but will also get my
undying gratitude.
I thank you and the Board of Health thanks you as well.