November 12th, 2002


Продолжая традиции

Путин, верный продолжатель дела Хрущёва, бившего туфлёй по трибуне ООН со
словами "мы вас похороним", выступил с речью. Вот, что пишет The New York

Mr. Putin, who was speaking in Russian through interpreters, added: "If you
want to become an Islamic radical and if you'd like to get your
circumcision, please come to Moscow. We are a multiconfessional, multiethnic
nation. Please come. You are welcome and everything and everyone is
tolerated in Moscow."
But in a more accurate translation, as heard on NTV in Moscow and translated
by The New York Times, his words sounded far more menacing. "If you want to
become a complete Islamic radical," he said, "and are ready to undergo
circumcision, then I invite you to Moscow. We're a multidenominational
country. We have specialists in this question as well. I will recommend that
he carry out the operation in such a way that after it nothing else will

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