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Зовут на работу...

Получил письмо от какого-то рекрутера:

Hi Aleksey,

We are looking for several people who fit the following Job Spec, if you are interested please email a word version of your CV back to me stating Salary details and Availability.

If this job is not relevant to you please accept my apologies but if you could forward it to anyone you feel would be more appropriate I would much appreciate it.


Salary: circa 30k GBP paid in rubels.

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Job Spec:
You will have excellent SQL Server design, development and implementation skills with pref some knowledge of Business Intelligence or OLAP. You will have excellent SQL Server 2000 skills with a good knowledge of some of the following - C#, Visual Basic (VB), ASP, or .NET. It is also fair to say you can expect regular rises based on performance. You will be fluent in Russian. You will also be working for a UK company who invest heavily in their staff. The salary works out to be approx 1,100,060 rubels per anum. (Ј30k GBP)


To apply for this role please send an up-to-date copy of your CV in the first instance

Кому-нибудь надо?

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