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Софтинка для сохранения и анализа своего ЖЖ


  • Download and navigate a synchronized, local archive of your journal. 

  • Run custom plugins on your journal. ljArchive comes with the following plugins: 

    • Entry Reader - reads your journal entries aloud using text-to-speech technology.

    •     You may need an update from Microsoft.com to use this plugin. 

    • Regressive Imagery Analysis - provides a psychological profile of your journal. 

    • Word Count - provides a list of the words used in your journal, and their frequency. 

    • Post Frequency - graphs the frequency of your posts over time. 

    • Comment Count - graphs the number of comments left by users in your journal, and also how many comments you've left them. 

  • View/export entries and comments using a completely customizable HTML template system. You can customize settings for templates and also build your own templates. 

  • Search through your journal for keywords, and browse through search results immediately. 

  • Export your journal into various formats, such as XML, HTML, PDF (in conjuction with LJBook), and MIDI (yes, MIDI!).

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