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информация со ссылкой на Вас о том, что

The Frog

While taking a walk in the woods, a man comes across a little frog. The frog
asks the man if it's OK if they walk together for a while and the man tells the
frog to suit himself. After a while the man decides to go home and the frog asks
if he might come along and again, the man assents.

After reaching home, the man attempts to say goodbye but the frog boldly asks
if he can come in and stay for dinner. A little miffed but not wanting to insult
the frog, the man says, "fine, come in and have dinner." After that, the man
decides to go to bed and tells the frog it's time for him to go back to the
woods. But the frog doesn't want to go and asks if he can spend the night. The
man is too shocked at this request to say anything but yes. Now they're both in
bed and the frog says, "Hey, aren't you gonna kiss me good night?" The man,
seemingly under the frog's spell, kisses the frog. And then, all of a sudden,
the frog turns into a beautiful, nubile 16-year-old girl. And that, your honor,
is the heart of our defense.

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